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Who's Your Webel?

Eunice Lewis...that's who.  Eunice has had an interest in art and design since the age of 13, and was clearly a leader in solving design flaws in fashion while attending Berkeley High School’s (BHS) fashion and sewing classes.  At BHS, she earned a full scholarship to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.  She later realized that, for her, a career in fashion design was more of a job than an enjoyable pastime.  She switched gears and started a longtime career in administrative support and maintained sewing and design as a hobby.

As she became more skilled at administrative tasks, she picked up the skill of word processing and then began designing marketing materials for the organizations that she worked for.  As coworkers recognized her skills, she started picking up side jobs designing greeting cards, wedding invitations, business cards, and flyers.


Eunice started researching her ancestry and to make all the information accessible to family members, she designed her first website.  She became fascinated with the intricacies of website design and started self-educating to get a full understanding of what she could offer small business owners.


Eunice later started selling framed art.  A client asked her to find a specific piece of art and she was unable to find it.  Her aim was to please the client; therefore, she recreated the piece herself.  It was then that she realized she had another talent…painting.


Clearly, Eunice not only brings the skill of design, but administrative expertise as well.  Having a picky artist and professional Administrative Assistant design your website, you can rest assured that it will be designed artistically and intelligently.