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Administrtive Assistance/Services

In-House Organization

  • Do you and your employees find yourselves looking for files longer than it takes to complete the task itself? 

  • Does the office look and feel disorganized and depressing?

  • Have you noticed your potential clients looking around the office as though they wonder how you stay in business?

Forms Design / Recreation

  • Do you have the proper forms that ask necessary questions of your clients/potential clients? 

  • Are your forms so old that you nor your clients can read them, are they crooked, lacking certain questions, or ask questions that are no longer necessary?

  • Do you have an Employment Application?  Does your current application ask the questions necessary to get a clear understanding of who the candidate is?  Is the application specific to your industry?

Mail Merge

  • Do you need your data merged with forms, reports or letters? 


  • A professional-looking PowerPoint presentation is the perfect way to present your ideas/plans to that oh-so important client that you've been trying to land for weeks.



  • A flyer may be a perfect marketing tool for getting the message out to clients/potential clients about your upcoming event or service.


  • Whether you can type or not, time may be against you when it comes to getting your written information into a well formatted, typed presentation.


  • Your typed document is done, but it's not very presentable.  I'm A Webel! can transform your document into a well-organized and presentable presentation.



  • It's typed and formatted, but you need another set of eyes to ensure that the spelling, grammar, word usage, and content are exactly what is expected.

Internet Research

  • What are you looking for?  Perhaps you need a database of beauty salons or barbers who are located in a specific area, but you just don't have the time to research or put the data into a list that you can manipulate and create much needed reports.


*If you don't see a service that you need, please call or contact us to inquire.